Retro Receiver from 8Bitdo solves the short cord problem of Nintendo Classic Mini NES you’ll never own

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Nintendo’s adorable yet hard-to-find Classic Mini NES has one major downside: it’s those short controller cables. Fortunately, third-party companies are solving the problem: longer controller cables and wireless controller receivers.

Based on the fans and experts’ reviews, the new Nintendo Classic console has a very short controller that forces players to get up close and personal with the television. It makes playing the video game console ‘less enjoyable.’

Metro UK review on Nintendo Classic Mini NES goes, “The more serious problem is also cable-related, with the controller (there’s only one, so you have to buy another, or use a Wii Classic Controller, if you want any two-player action) being connected to the console by a cable that’s barely 70cm long.”

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The NES30 Retro Receiver

Thankfully, third-party companies offered to solve the problem. One such solution comes from 8Bitdo. The company released recently a new version of its Retro Receiver that works perfectly with the NES Classic. The package includes the company’s NES30 wireless controller aside from the aforementioned Retro Receiver.

According to Engadget, the Retro Receiver is visually similar to NES Classic controller. The only difference is that it has four buttons on its face instead of the traditional two. Additionally, the Bluetooth-enabled Retro Receiver lets the players use many other controllers with the NES Classic. That includes PS3, PS4 and many other Bluetooth controller available.

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Nyko’s Miniboss 

Another solution comes from Nyko’s Miniboss wireless controller. This one looks like the NES controller but with a small adaptor. It provides wireless play of up to thirty feet. The company also produces the Extend Link, a 6-foot long cord with the right port on each end.

While these controllers remove a bit of that “classic” experience from using Nintendo’s mini console, they will make players play the NES Classic more comfortable and enjoyable. However, the price alone will be a major buzzkill. The NES30 Retro Receiver bundle costs $39.99 while the Nyko’s Miniboss costs $35.

In the meantime, players can buy 10 ft extension cables for the NES Classic Edition at Amazon for $10. Also GameStop offers 6 feet NES ExtendLink Extension Cable for NES Classic Edition for the same $10.

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