Star Wars Battlefront 3: Unreleased prototype game footage leaked [VIDEO]

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Star Wars Battlefront leaked
Star Wars Battlefront leaked

Despite being a hit among critics in the early 2000s, Star Wars Battlefront II never saw a follow up when LucasArts decided to cancel the supposed third installation in the trilogy in 2008. What was hyped to be a game ahead of its time, Star Wars Battlefront III was also poised to offer gamers the experience of switching from planetary and space combat despite limited available technology during that generation of consoles.

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But a recent leak has finally provided fans of the game with a glimpse of what could have been had LucasArts pursued their ambitious game.

Hats off to YouTuber FuZaH who was able to provide curious gamers with a dive into Star Wars’ unreleased game. More interesting to see would be the very rough cut of the game, as well, since it also gives a slight perspective of where the developers were going in terms of the Star Wars: Battlefront III’s direction.

You can check out the leaked video below:

And another one here:

If you listen closely, X1/X2 voices were also switching between Rob and the voice actors.

According to sources, the Star Wars Battlefront III leaked footage would have taken place during the Clone Wars timeline, as shown by the ships flying in and out of Planet Tatooine. The planetary battles also took place in Tatooine, in the video, demonstrating the game’s planned feature to let gamers experience two forms of combat.

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The end of the footage shows a lightsaber battle between a Rancor and a Sith. Do make sure to check the entire footage, as you would not want to miss this part of the leaked video.

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC released

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront has finally released its anticipated expansion, Death Star (only for season pass owners). According to Gamespot, the DLC will include five new maps, the Battle Station mode, additional weapons and Star Cards.

Luckily, this series of Star Wars Battlefront does not seem to be kicking the bucket anytime soon.

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