Star Wars Battlefront DLC Update: ‘Extraction’ mission to be removed by EA

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Electrontic Arts (EA) has finally addressed the pressing issues of Star Wars Battlefront community which regularly criticizes the company for not releasing offline content. The game will now feature more offline content with its future updates.

Josh Walsh and Mat Everett of DICE has promised that Star Wars Battlefront will be bulked with offline content in future along with the release of its DLC, Bespin, as reported by Design and Trend.

“We will be bringing more offline content to Star Wars Battlefront. Once the team is ready to share and reveal those details, we will.” Everett said.

Meanwhile, the game had a leaked “Extraction mission” video a month back which revealed a single-player mission with either Princess Leila or Hans Solo. The mission focused mainly on taking down a swarm of AT-ATs.

Josh Walsh explained that the mission is in fact scrapped by EA because of unfinished codes and will be removed as the company releases its next patch. This will be sad news for many gamers, since most of them had been awaiting the release of the mission.

The only thing which the Star Wars Battlefront fans can get excited about is the upcoming release of the Bespin DLC in June.  Although DICE has refused to give more details on the content, Everett has stressed on the fact that there will be more live streams and sneak-peeks into new content in the coming weeks.

There has been some news about Bespin though, which reveals that the DLC will contain new heroes, maps and weapons. The release will include new characters like Han Solo’s friend Lando Calrission and the bounty hunter Dengar.

In another development, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been confirmed by EA and DICE and is in production. The game is slated for release in 2017.

Photo courtesy: BagoGames/

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