Street Fighter 5 new character Juri’s new costumes for Capcom Cup Collection; Defeats Seth with Taekwondo skills for revenge

Street Fighter 5 release new character Juri
Street Fighter 5 new character Juri has joined roster. However, she came back to seek revenge against Seth who might be responsible for her parents’ murder.

Street Fighter 5 has recently added a new character in their playable roster. According to the official Capcom blog, Juri officially joined others with new costumes for the nearing Capcom Cup Collection release.

In the next four days, avid Street Fighter players will see the first Korean character to play in the series. She has been featured in the previous game version.

Her comeback is revealed in the “A Shadow Falls” DLC wherein her motive of returning is to seek revenge against Seth. Based from the game publisher’s blog, Juri is a character full of hatred caused by the murder of her own parents. Hence, she joined S.I.N. to achieve that goal.

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Along with her quest of vengeance, she will be using her sadistic Taekwondo moves along with her love for violence. In fact, she is described as one of the true evil characters in the game.

She is also the complete opposite of Ryu who is fighting for honor and skill improvement. However, Juri is merely quenching her blood thirst.

In the meantime, GameSpot reported about the latest summer-themed costumes for Street Fighter 5 characters. These summer-themed costumes are packed for the PS4 version of the game. Along with Juri, Chun-Li and R. Mika will have their own respective costumes as well. In addition, three more outfits are made available for Cammy, Laura and Ibuki soon.

Capcom announced that these items will be ready for release this coming July 26 for around $3.99 each. Players may also opt for a special bundle price of $25 wherein they grab everything in one. By purchasing the Capcom Pro Tour Premier Package bundle they can have the following:

  • Stage
  • All three costumes
  • Exclusive color option for all 22 characters
  • 2 exclusive Capcom Cup 2016 and Capcom Pro Tour 2016 titles

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The special Street Fighter 5 bundle will be sold until November before the Capcom Cup Finals in the same month.

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