System Shock Remastered hits funding goal, Game to come next year

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System Shock Remastered has hit its funding goal of $900,000 in its Kickstarter campaign, Polygon reported. Nightdive Studios have been seeking $900,000 to build a remastered version, which promises to deliver the game by the end of next year.

Game developer Nightdive Studios has acquired the franchise to produce a remaster of the 1994 classic, System Shock, which is credited with being one of the first exploration-driven narrative-heavy shooters.

System Shock has only 19 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, so if System Shock managed to raise another $200,000 in its campaign, then versions for Mac and Linux PCs will be developed, in addition to the Windows PC and Xbox One version currently under development by NighDive Studios, which acquired the franchise last year.

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Stephen Kick, CEO of developer Night Dive Studios, has told gaming site Polygon that the change reflects the amount of effort the studio is putting into the game, and added that it goes beyond simple remastering.

It’s been 22 years since the original System Shock was released on PC by Looking Glass Studios, and now is getting remastered, with a whole new name. Developer NightDive Studios is finalizing plans to start working on System Shock through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Details have been so far scarce on the Remastered version of the 1994 classic first person RPG. NightDive Studios have launched a massive Kickstarter campaign in June. Reports said that once the crowdfunding campaign kicks off, gamers should expect to see more development and some unreleased details to help get the fanbase energized to see if this campaign become reality.

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For now, only a pre-alpha gameplay trailer has been shown off to the public, giving the game some sense of mystery and suspense. Built on the Unity engine, NightDive Studios promises to keep the System Shock Remastered version true to the spirit of the originals, even beyond as far as bringing members of the original System Shock team on board. This includes original System Shock concept artist Robert Waters.

System Shock Remastered is only planned for Xbox One, Linux, MacOS and PC, and the game’s Kickstarter campaign is set to end on July 28, 2016.

Unfortunately, System Shock Remastered does not have a release date yet.

Picture Courtesy: NightDive Studios/Facebook fan page

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