Gaming news: Telltale’s ‘Batman’ game confirmed for summer release

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Batman logo
Batman logo (photo courtesy of Telltale Games/DC Comics)

Telltale Games has confirmed that its series of Batman games will start coming out this summer. For many Batman fans who can’t get enough of the Caped Crusader, the game series would be another welcome addition to a growing list of games centered around him.

Gamespot reports that Telltale Games’ “Batman” game will be coming out this summer. However, there is no definite date set for its release. The release time has been revealed on Twitter by Job Stauffer, head of Creative Communications for Telltale Games. On is the Twitter post he informed that the “Batman” game series will be coming out starting this summer.

The said “Batman” game series will be an original by Telltale and won’t be reliant on any existing or prior “Batman” game. Players can play either as Bruce Wayne or Batman, though Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner said that players will eventually have to play as both.

As in any Batman game, other characters will also be seen such as Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and others. No villains have been announced yet, though, so it’s not certain which of Batman’s roster of villains would show up for the game.

The “Batman” game has been announced last December, as Comic Book Resources said in its report. The game will explore Bruce Wayne and what drives him to be Batman. It will also explore the responsibility he has put on himself to guard Gotham against corruption and its many villains.

Along with the announcement of the “Batman” game series, Stauffer has also posted that the third season of “The Walking Dead” game will be coming out as well. Players will have to wait for that though as its release won’t be coming until this Fall.

There would be much coming out from Telltale Games this year. Aside from the two games mentioned, it is said that they are also making a game based on Marvel characters. No detail or title has been given on the said game, though. The second season of the “Game of Thrones” game is also on its way. Details for that game will come out soon.

Photo courtesy: Telltale Games/DC Comics

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