The Last of Us 2 Release Date Update: Naughty Dog’s E3 absence confirmed

The Last of Us 2

“The Last of Us 2” release date is not yet finalized by the game developer, Naughty Dog. In fact, they have skipped E3 2016 altogether in the wake of developing other game titles.

Apparently, many “The Last of Us 2” enthusiasts went frenzy with the game developer’s absence at E3 2016, this week.

Before the event, many were excited on the game and were awaiting further announcements from Naughty Dog and Sony. However, they were all left disappointed after the duo went absent this week.

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The reason behind their absence is believed to be the on-going development of “Uncharted 4 single-player DLC.” The game developing company is trying their best to keep the promises they have made to the fans. The promises include a mix of multi-player and single-player content plus a bunch of add-on features in the game.

There might be a chance that the game may not get released in 2016. Although, Naughty Dog tried to attract the fans’ attention by mentioning that something big is coming, according to The Bit Bag

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Aside from “Uncharted 4” new DLC expansion, Naughty Dog is also developing “God of War 4.” In fact, this game could be released ahead of “The Last of Us 2”.

Neil Druckmann, the game’s creative director, and Bruce Straley, game director, confirmed about 50/50 chances of the game’s release, Eurogamer noted.

“It’s kind of like how we approached Left Behind. Can we tell people a story that’s really worth telling, and that’s not repeating itself?” Druckmann said.

“And if we can’t, where can we get inspired — what is something that’s really going to challenge us, and push storytelling in this medium forward?” he added.

Naughty Dog’s absence in E3 2016 could be the first clue to hint that “The Last of Us 2” may be not be expected for release soon.

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