Titanfall 2 News: Sales are bad ‘enough to offset upside from Battlefield 1’, says Cowen & Company

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Titanfall 2
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The research firm, Cowen & Company, released a report today downgrading the value of Electronic Arts (EA) shares. According to the firm, Titanfall 2, which will be out next week, will emerge as a disappointment and will lack the expectations that the publisher had for it unlike Battlefield 1.

“We are downgrading EA shares … because we believe that Titanfall 2 sales are going to be substantially disappointing, enough to offset upside from Battlefield 1,” analyst Doug Creutz wrote. “We expect a correction in shares between now and early next year as we believe the stock is priced for upside to current Street consensus.”

According to Gamespot, Titanfall 2 unit sales are expected to emerge in the 5 million to 6 million range based on estimation, which is a decrease from Cowen & Company’s projection of 9 million. Although the game’s quality is pretty fair and it’s getting strong reviews, the timing is tough for its release.

“We think the game got squeezed between Battlefield 1 and [Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare],” Corwen & Company stated. “We suspect EA believed that by launching two shooters next to Call of Duty it could put a large dent in its biggest competitor, but instead EA appears to have wound up shooting its own foot off.”


Meanwhile, reports also suggest that Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 are looking to cover different types of shooter players.

“Video games shooters are a giant category in our industry, $4.5 billion, there’s a very broad and diverse set of players who are looking to fulfill different gameplay motivations,” noted EA CEO Andrew Wilson in May. “Some people play very quick play, some people play more strategic, some people want both in a different context.”

Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 were released only one week apart. Titanfall 2 arrives today while Battlefield 2 was launched on October 21.


Expect EA to release the earnings of Titanfall 2 this coming Tuesday, Nov. 1, with a full breakdown of the performance of Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

Photo courtesy: Tim Bartel/Flickr

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