Titanfall 2 release date revealed, single player and multiplayer videos also shown and reach over 1 million views

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Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 (photo courtesy of Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment)

Ever since Electronic Arts first revealed it early this year, many have been waiting for the announcement as to when “Titanfall 2” release date would be announced. Now the long wait is over as at E3 2016, the release date, as well as the official single player and multiplayer videos, have been revealed.

At E3 2016, the release date of “Titanfall 2” has been announced by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, as IGN reports. The release date would be this Oct. 28 for all platforms. That means the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will all have the game at the same time. What has also been revealed is that the game will have a single player campaign, something that was not in the original “Titanfall.”

Earlier reports have it that the video trailers for the single player and multiplayer games have been leaked when Electronic Arts accidentally showed the rehearsal for its E3 presentation online, Gamespot says in its report. That has now been rectified by officially releasing the videos for both the single player and multiplayer trailers of the game.

The single player and multiplayer video trailers on YouTube have already received a combined viewership total of over one million views.

For the single player campaign, players will take on the role of Jack Cooper. The character will have a sentient robot for his companion in the campaign. For the multiplayer game there will be new pilot abilities coming for players to learn, the Times of India says. A multiplayer beta of the game will also be made available for gamers to experience it prior to its launch.

When the first “Titanfall” game came out, it was an Xbox One exclusive. Later on it was also made available for the PC and Xbox 360. Now the game will not only be for Xbox One but will also be for the PC and for the first time, for PlayStation 4 as well. While the date for release has been announced, the game’s price has not been determined yet.

Photo courtesy: Official Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment

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