Ubisoft’s Steep Release Date, Features Update: Developer reveals game details at E3 2016

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Steep (photo courtesy of Ubisoft)

E3 2016 continues to announce more games as the days pass by. Ubisoft has a new, open world extreme sports SIM game called “Steep.” The game will feature extreme winter sports in an open world setting, something that is said to be a first in combining an open world environment with a sports themed game.

Ubisoft sees “Steep” to be the world’s first open world sports themed game, as IGN reports. In an open world environment, the player would be able to explore different areas of the game without much restriction. Their was an earlier version from which the current edition has been developed. Originally, it was made as a demo for “Ghost Recon: Wildlands.”

“It’s a brand new intellectual property, starting with a demo from ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ and action sports,” said Igor Manceau, creative director for Ubisoft’s Annecy studio in France, as reported by Venture Beat. He also said that navigating the game’s world would be at the core of experiencing it. Manceau has stressed that exploration would be key to the game.

The game will feature a number of extreme sports. There would be paragliding, snowboarding and even wingsuit gliding. Skiing will also be one of the sports in the game. Camera view can either be in first person or in a third person mode.

Much of what went into “Steep” is based on what people from the Annecy studio have experienced themselves. The studio is located near the French Alps and Manceu himself is also into extreme sports. He hopes that the passion of the studio staff could be felt by the gamers. For the game the developers have also asked extreme sports stars like Louis Aikins and Kevin Rolland to help with the game development.

While “Steep” won’t be out until December, beta registration is now open for those who would like to try the game. For those interested, could visit and register themselves.

Photo courtesy: Ubisoft

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