[VIDEO] Nintendo Switch: This man shows where to get the console earlier than others

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The Nintendo Switch release date is in January 2017. Until then, fans are content to any updates about it. However, one man posted that he already got the console. The gaming world went gaga because he had evidence of the console.

A popular YouTube user uploaded two videos which showed he owned a Nintendo Switch. He had physical evidence of the console as well. He posted it on his YouTube channel, Etika World Network. The video did not waste time and had all the gaming world talking. After that, he also posted another one featuring his own Switch. He then came under close scrutiny.

Nintendo fans also became divided because of this. Some were angry because they know it’s a fake. Members of the console’s subreddit said this happened before. Others, on the other hand, believed it’s the real thing. There were also some who got confused because of this. Where did he get his Nintendo Switch console?

After the first video, Etika uploaded another video titled “Life with Nintendo Switch.” The video has a high-quality feel to it that even doubters will believe its reality. However, Swedish designer Frank Sandqvist posted another video to show how Etika got his Switch.

Turned out that the two collaborated to create this prank. He confessed it on his Twitter account and after the reveal included Sandqvuist’s name on the video credits. Sandqvist showed that Etika’s  Nintendo Switch is actually 3D printed. However, it looked like the real deal.

Those who have been following Nintendo news closely is familiar with Sandqvist. Last year, he also sparked rumors about the Nintendo NX similar to what Etika did. He released Nintendo NX prototype photos online that fooled everyone else. Sandqvist released a video afterward detailing how he did it. That appeased the angry fans and shocked those who believed it.

Photo Courtesy: Dimitrious Papastamou/Flickr

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