WWE 2K17: Virtual currency farming guide; Tips to earn fast VC

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WWE 2K17 is out on the market right now and fans are already simulating their dream WWE matches, but with the game releasing a massive roster this year, it seems players have a lot of wrestlers to choose from.

There are 150 wrestlers in the game’s roster, from the current superstars to the legends of years past, but not all of them can be played right off the bat as many of the legendary wrestlers are off-limits at first. Players will have to get in-game money or virtual currency (VC) to “buy” or unlock those wrestlers or buy merchandise and power ups.

There are multiple ways to earn enough points or VC to unlock the desired character and a guide has been made in order to exploit those methods and farm enough VC in the game.

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One of the new additions in the WWE 2K17 is the ability to make a promo. It is a system that allows players to go head-to-head with their opponent in a verbal battle and can be done through a Choose Your Own Adventure style script. The main goal is to create a verbal beat down that the crowd will react to.

According to attackofthefanboy, players must stick as to what kind of superstar they want to be in the MyCareer mode. If it’s a Babyface, the character must be a good guy and heroic while a Heel should be cocky and always tease the crowd. Players must be consistent with their characters so they can earn extra VC by creating a great promo.


One of the methods to get enough VC is to play exhibition matches. Although farming in MyCareer or Universe is a lot faster, exhibition matches can be a good source of VC if done the right way.

Players should create an entertaining and exciting match so the crowd will not be bored. The trick is to show different types of moves like submissions, using tools, signature moves and finishers. Moves should be done in combination and without repetition and maybe do some crazy stunts. A 5-star rating can be achieved through this.

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There is only one method to get enough VC in the MyCareer Mode and that is to play as many matches as possible. However, extra merchandise that are not needed can also be sold so as to get additional VC and buy only the needed items or pool enough VC for a desired wrestler.


5 star matches earn a lot of VCs and in order to achieve them, players should create matches that are exciting and entertaining to the crowd. Players need to do all the superstars’ move without repeating them and it will also help to get the opponent outside the ring and perform an OMG barricade two times.

Remarkable finishing moves and signature moves should also be used so as to get the crowd excited. Players should also perform grappling moves outside or inside the ring until no more rewards are given. The next is to top the turnbuckle moves and finally do three stolen finishers.

WWE 2K17 is now available for PS4 and PS3, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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