XBox Games with Gold: October 2016 new titles revealed

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Xbox Games with Gold has already announced its October titles and just like the previous months, there will be four new titles for XBox fans. Two titles will be available for XBox One and two for XBox 360.

In their YouTube video announcing the new titles, XBox One will have a treat playing Super Mega Baseball: Extra Inning and The Escapist. XBox 360 players, on the other hand, will have MX vs. ATV Reflex and I Am Alive. Polygon also created a quick list for the October games.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Inning is a baseball simulation game but with friendly and fun graphics. The game has per-player game control allowing amateur and pro players to engage in the game according to their level. The game seamlessly blends realistic baseball movements with tight, responsive controls. Super Mega Baseball will be available in the Games with Gold promo from October 1 to 31 for $19.99.

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For those who love stealth and strategy games like the Hitman, The Escapist offers mind-boggling puzzles as players try to escape dismal prison life using their puzzle solving and strategy skills. Players try to hatch a clever plan to outsmart prison guards and other traps along the way. The game is full of surprises as players try to eliminate every obstacle that hinders them towards freedom. Fans, however, will have to wait until October 16 to get hold of the game. Just like Super Mega Baseball, the game is worth $19.99 and will be available until November 15.

MX vs. ATV Reflex, which is one of XBox’s more popular titles is back with better features. This off-road racing game allows players to maneuver their vehicles independently and perform hair-raising stunts and death-defying maneuvers. There’s one cool feature for this returning game – the track changes every in every lap which increases the difficulty level in every turn. MX vs. ATV Reflex will be available both on XBox 360 and XBox One from October 1 to 15 for $29.99.

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The fourth game for the Games with Gold roster is the survival and shooter game I Am Alive. In this game, a worldwide cataclysmic event occurred that almost wiped out the human race. The character survives but finds himself alone in a desolate city. The objective of the game in search for his family and other survivors while outwitting and overcoming enemies. Like MX vs, ATV Reflex, the game is available for both XBox One and XBox 360 players from October 16 to 31 for $14.99.

Just like the previous Games with Gold titles, these new games are available for only a limited period of time.

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