Arnold Palmer dead at 87; Online tributes pour in for beloved golf icon

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Arnold Palmer dead at 87
Arnold Palmer dead at 87

The name Arnold Palmer could very well be synonymous to golf, with the legend having a laundry list of professional and personal achievements while single-handedly bringing the sport to a wider audience. As the world mourns the passing of the beloved sports figure, the internet has already been flooded by touching tributes and messages to commemorate what was a life dedicated to his craft.

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“We loved him with a mythic American joy,” shared Palmer’s biographer James Dodson. “He represented everything that is great about golf. The friendship, the fellowship, the laughter, the impossibility of golf, the sudden rapture moment that brings you back, a moment that you never forget, that’s Arnold Palmer in spades. He’s the defining figure in golf.”

Throughout the 1950s and 60s, Palmer was the face of professional golf. It was during this time that the golfer also won seven majors, 93 tournaments, and the hearts and support of fans from all over the globe. A group of admirers called Arnie’s Army was even created, simply as a tribute to the famous golfer.

A subscriber to Golfweek even shared a letter which seemed to encapsulate the dedication Palmer’s fans had for their idol.

“If Arnold Palmer sent me a personal letter asking me to join the cleanup crew at Bay Hill, I would buy a green jumpsuit, stick a nail in a broom handle, grab some Hefty garbage bags and shake his hand when I arrived,” shared Bob Conn with the golfing website.

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The internet remembers Arnold Palmer

But obviously, it was not just Conn who had something to say about Arnold Palmer. Twitter alone has been bombarded with many stories, photos and captions all aimed at remembering their favorite golfer.

From fellow masters of the sport.

To golf analysts.

And celebrities.

All the rest who just want to cool down with an Arnold Palmer.

Thank you Arnold Palmer, for all you’ve done for golf, your drink and your inspirational life. The golfing legend was 87.

Photo Courtesy: Dan Perry/ Flickr

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