Golf News: Jack Nichlaus challenging Tiger Woods to catch his record

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Talk about legends conversing about their records, Jack Niclaus and Tiger Woods are two of the best golfers that we have seen today.

Niclaus currently holds 18 major championships, while Tiger Woods is set to challenge that record but strained with a back injury.

“You know you and I have talked about it [and] nobody wants their records to be broken,’’ Nicklaus told Woods. “But I don’t want you to not have the ability to have that opportunity to do so by your health. So I wish you well and I hope you get healthy, hope you get to play, hope you get out there as soon as you feel like you can play and I hope you do well.’’

Right now, Nichlaus is challenging Woods as well to come back from the injury and resume the chase to beat his record.

“He talked a lot,’’ Nicklaus said. “He was feeling good and told that to everybody. He says he was feeling great and he was able to stand over a putt and chip now without having any leg pain. We didn’t really talk a whole lot about it. I wished him well.

More so, Woods didn’t talk much to Nichlaus on when he will return to action.

“He doesn’t have a timetable for returning or anything else. He’s pretty private about what his situation is and I don’t blame him, because every time he opens his mouth there’s nothing but articles written about speculation about Tiger. I don’t think it’s my place to expound on Tiger’s health … but he looked very good. He looked very healthy. And he misses playing, so that’s good.’’


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