PGA of America abandons Grand Slam of Golf, decreasing popularity cited

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Golf’s major champions this year will have more time to train as PGA of America abandons the annual Grand Slam of Golf. Such decision to drop the event was based on the “PGA of America’s long-term strategic plan.”

With this decision, the organization released a statement concerning the Grand Slam of Golf citing that today’s golf landscape is far different from what it used to be before. PGA Tours and other international events were at its best back then.

“After carefully evaluating the PGA Grand Slam of Golf over the past few years and studying how this event fits with today’s golf landscape and the PGA of America’s long-term strategic plan, the PGA has decided to drop the event,” PGA of America declared.

It is quite sad to hear about the news that a long-standing golf tournament has to be abandoned due to decreasing amount of audiences. This 36-hole exhibition for the major champions in Golfing tournaments dates back in 1979, and it was played continuously since 1986. And such historical value is being undermined by its dwindling popularity.

It can also be remembered that last year’s event suffered a similar fate, as there was a commotion of the Grand Slam of Golf due to its venue.  The event cancellation was highly attributed to the supposed Grand Slam will be held at  Donald Trump golf course, which during that time Trump was on the hot seat for remarks about Mexican immigrants. And this time, a dissolution has been announced by the PGA of America after careful evaluation of various factors.

“When the PGA Grand Slam of Golf was launched in 1979, the golf world was much different from it is today. The PGA Tour’s wraparound schedule, the European Tour’s Race to Dubai, plus other important international events, make the fall schedule very busy and hectic for the top players in the world.

It had also become challenging to attract fans, television viewership and media interest. While we have enjoyed staging the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, given those many factors, the timing is right to discontinue the event,” the Association added.

Up to now there are still no updates on the event and the possibility of its return anytime soon. Guess we would just have to wait for the right timing and the terms for the Grand Slam of Golf’s return.

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