Tiger Woods return: Mentally unstable

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Tiger Woods return
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Playing in the greenery, the fresh air, under the bright sunlight… Who knew Golf could be such a wicked sport? At least, that’s how it appeared after news of Tiger Woods return became a tease following his withdrawal from the tournament.

Tiger Woods had not competed since August 2015 and has undergone 3 back operations in a span of nearly 2 years. Apart from that, his career and personal life have been rocked by cheating and sex scandals that have caused him to lose between $5 billion and $12 billion in sponsorships.

Will he ever be the same again? Are we to expect a successful Tiger Woods return to Golf?

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According to a report by BBC Nick Faldo said, “Everything is stacking up against” Tiger Woods return.

Nick Faldo talks about his similar experiences, “Ten years ago, I’d hit balls and think, ‘I can still play, I can still hit it’. Then you’d go to the course and can’t make a score. Everything is stacking up against him now. Physically, mentally and obviously competing.”

A sound reason was given for his withdrawal from the Safeway Open, revealing that he’s healthy, but felt his game was vulnerable, and not where it needs to be,” which is understandable after a long absence from the competition.

However, NBC & Golf Channel analyst Johnny Miller isn’t buying it.

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“It’s hard being Tiger Woods … especially if you can’t back it up with a semblance of the old Tiger Woods,” Miller said in a report by CBS.

“You know, he was getting out of that cart pretty gingerly [at the Ryder Cup]. Nobody talked about that.” On this, Nick Faldo made similar observations about Woods not being “too supple.”

He looked like he was “struggling just getting in and out of the golf buggie.” Nick Faldo said.

Many are intrigued by his physical and mental state especially after all he’s gone through. His ex-GF Lindsey Vonn recently talked about her dark days with Tiger Woods.

Lindsey Vonn talked about how Tiger Woods was barely there for her at all during her own struggles, that she had to draw comfort from her dog “Leo” instead. Woods and Lindsey Vonn split up last May 2015.

According to a report by Radar Online Tiger Woods, personal life is at a standstill.

“He can’t handle adult conversation at all and spends hours watching kids shows on TV, making model airplanes and even collecting stamps and sticker albums,” an insider said.

“He’s totally detached from the real world, it’s like his mentality is that of a 10-year-old kid!”

Is the recent tournament withdrawal a manifestation of the validity of this rumor? Is he mentally unstable?

What are we to expect from a long-awaited Tiger Woods return?

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