US Masters: Australian Jason Day leads field of top contenders

Jayson Day hopes that his winning momentum would drive him enough to win this year’s US Masters.

Jason Day, who is the world’s number one in golf, will lead the pack of top contenders in the opening round of the 2016 US Masters golf tournament which is played at the Augusta National Golf Club.

The 28-year old Australian will be closely monitored by golf enthusiasts as he hopes to surpass his two top finishes in the US Masters. Day finished second in 2011 and landed third in 2013. He is coming off a win at the 2015 PGA Championships and hopes to take home the crown this year despite injuries that kept him at bay in previous tournaments.

Day is listed as one of the favorites to win this year’s Masters aside from Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, Rory Mcllroy and veterans Phil Mikelson and Bubba Watson.

ABC reported that Day decided that the best way for him to win the Masters is to stop trying so hard to win it. He stated that ever since a boy he had always dreamed of playing and winning the US Masters and it has pushed him so hard that he had forgotten how it was to play the sport with enjoyment.

“This has been a tournament in the past that I’ve tried too hard and shot myself out of the tournament. So I’ve just got to kind of relax, understand that I have a certain process that I go through each tournament to get ready to compete and I need to stick to that – don’t do anything more, don’t do anything less and just try and go out and execute,” Day said.

He added that he would not pressure himself while playing in the Masters. Day explained that this year will be different as he will just play and go through his normal game plan that has worked wonders for him.

“Everyone would keep on asking me about, ‘When are you going to win it?’ and ‘How are you going to win it?’ and all that stuff. I guess I just thought, ‘I’ve got to kind of force it this year,’ and that’s when I started missing stuff and making mistakes and mental errors. I kind of shot myself out of tournaments. So this year, I’m not going to say it’s going to be different, I’m just going to go through my normal game plan and just play, try and play the way I have been and hopefully I’ll give it a good run at the end of the week,” Day explained.

Maybe his game plan worked for him as he won recently the Arnold Palmer Invitational and World Golf Championships Match Play Championship last month climb up the world rankings. If the same formula worked for him in those tournaments, then it will surely be working for him in the Masters as well.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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