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Athletes with Cancer Can Benefit from Brand New Treatments

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Phil Kessel, Eric Davis, and Josh Bidwell are just some of the major league sports stars to have battled cancer. Although some stories end happily, others don’t. That’s why millions of dollars are being poured into research into brand new cancer treatments.

New cancer treatments won’t just benefit sports stars, though. They will benefit every ordinary person, who will have the chance to keep doing what they love for many years to come.

So what are some of the new cancer treatments hitting the market today?

Dietary Changes and Therapies

Paul Kraus is the longest living mesothelioma patient in the world today. For a cancer that typically kills in a matter of months, Paul has managed to survive for more than twenty years with the disease.

One of the biggest changes he has made is to his diet. Studies have shown that a simple change of diet has the potential to alter a patient’s cancer prognosis. Paul has demonstrated this by radically changing his diet.

There are also therapies that focus on the vitamins and minerals an athlete can ingest to cure their cancer.

A type of therapy that has gained a lot of interest over the years is Vitamin C therapy. The idea behind it is that Vitamin C is administered in high doses. The resulting Vitamin C boost will attack the cancer directly and help the body to fight back against it.

Some have dismissed using Vitamin C therapy in the past, but new evidence has demonstrated potential anti-cancer benefits.

Alternative Ozone Therapy

Oxygen is definitely not a stranger to the athlete. But scientists have discussed how oxygen can be used in another way to beat cancer.

Ozone therapy has always been a controversial type of therapy for use on cancer sufferers. It’s known that highly oxygenated blood does have the potential to kill cancer cells. But high levels of oxygen can also help them grow, so it’s very much a contentious issue.

But scientists have shown that new ozone therapies can work to fight back against cancer. New forms of ozone therapy focus on empowering the body’s white blood cells to destroy cancer cells.

HIPEC Chemotherapy

Another type of chemotherapy that has seen some success is HIPEC chemotherapy. This form of chemotherapy directly administers chemotherapy to the abdomen as part of a surgical procedure.

Instead of circulating chemotherapy around the entire body, only the areas where cancer cells are present are targeted. It’s an exciting type of chemotherapy for any athlete battling cancer because it doesn’t expose the rest of the body to chemotherapy and it’s a much stronger form of chemotherapy.

It’s already been used successfully for mesothelioma patients because it’s ideal for anyone who needs treatment for advanced stage cancer.

Last Word – A Glimpse into the Future

Athletes are not immune to cancer, and many talented men have been lost to the disease. These three treatments are just a glimpse into the future of treating cancers of all kinds.

Do you know anyone who has used these cancer treatments?

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