Civil War: Captain America vs. Iron Man, Leo Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo Football – Marvel Crossover [INFOGRAPHICS]

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The whole world is awaiting the release of Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” where team Captain America will take on team Iron Man in order to settle a rift between the two. The movie stars Hollywood heartthrobs Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel is looking forward to laughing all the way to the bank after delivering another blockbuster.

Here at Sports Rageous we came up with a plan to have our very own Civil War between football’s two most iconic superstars of the present era. One would always agree that the modern footballing universe contains two sets of loyal fan base, one caters to the Argentine maestro Lionel Messi and the other worships the Portuguese dynamite Cristiano Ronaldo.

We are all excited to view “Captain America: Civil War” and each of us have already decided whom to root for, Captain America or Iron Man. To continue the hype of the movie, we decided to compare both Ronaldo and Messi to their comic book counterparts and start a Civil War – Football crossover.

Below is an infographic which draws the parallels of Lionel Messi with Captain America and Cristiano Ronaldo with Iron Man. It highlights the similarities of the comic book superheroes with their footballing counterpart.

MessiArgentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi is an easy parallel of Captain America, who is also known as Steve Rogers.

Both are amazing leaders of their respective teams, Captain America leads the Avengers while Lionel Messi may not be Barcelona’s captain, but leads the Catalan giants though his artistry on the field. Both are considered the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in their very own respective universe.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the other hand is an easy equivalent of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Both look arrogant to the core but possess immense skills to boast and back up their egos. While Iron Man has lasers, missile launchers and pulse beams at his disposal, Cristiano Ronaldo can equally back himself with his super athletic abilities, missile free kicks and immense speed on the football field. Both Tony Stark and Ronaldo live a lavish lifestyle with cars, women and mansions.

For those of you still not convinced of Lionel Messi – Captain America and Cristiano Ronaldo – Iron Man comparison, check out the videos. Maybe these could give you a deeper insight.

Video courtesy: YouTube/JavierNathaniel


Video courtesy: YouTube/John Nemesis


Video courtesy: YouTube/chris2012end’s channel

Video courtesy: YouTube/Julian Maggin

So, we have laid the platform for the battle to begin. Who will be the ultimate champion between Captain America and Iron Man? Only the movie holds the answer and we have to head towards the theater to know about it. But, who will win the Lionel Messi vs. Ronaldo battle? Hop in and discuss your views.

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