Gary Johnson thinks colonizing other planets is the answer to global warming

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Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson seems to have a knack for spouting ‘strange’ if not controversial statements. After he was mocked years ago for saying that the earth will be destroyed by the sun overheating, he came back once again this week with yet another one saying that the only way for humans to survive is to colonize other planets.

“We do have to inhabit other planets. The future of the human race is space exploration,” he said after George Stephanopoulos asked him regarding the previous statement he had made about the ‘sun death’ on ABC’s This Week program.

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Prior to that, he referred to his 2011 interview as just a joke before launching into a hodge-podge of vocabulary that includes plate tectonics, the EPA, and space exploration. He also advised that ‘we should be prudent with the environment’ and thinks that the EPA exists as the watchdog against people and other entities who would harm the environment.

His views on the EPA and some of its regulations are not the same as those held by some Libertarians. However, his views and reasons seem to get muddled up even more as he said that the government should not really make a lot of effort about it.

He also discouraged cap and taxation saying the government should focus more of its efforts on the energy sector. He also added that new coal-powered plants should be built. Battling climate change is very expensive according to Johnson so he proposed to just send people to another planet.

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Despite his statements, young voters seemed to favor Johnson over other candidates. Most millenials care about the issue of climate change. In a joint poll conducted by Washington Post and ABC, 76 percent of those who belong in the 18 to 29 age bracket view global warming as a very serious environmental problem while 64 percent believes that the federal government should exert more effort to find a solution for it.

However, a recent survey that revealed that Johnson comes in second after Clinton among voters in the 18 to 34 age bracket, and that lead is only a mere 2 percent.

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