Floyd Mayweather enjoys $300,000 vacation, See his lavish holiday

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floyd mayweather
floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is clearly living by the adage ‘live life king size’. The retired boxer has left no stone unturned to flaunt his rich and lavish lifestyle.

The latest is his $300,000 vacation which he has been flaunting on Instagram.

The retired pound-for-pound fighter recently took a vacation to Maldives with his friends. The talking point however, is the way in which he is bragging about the amount he has spent on the trip.

Floyd Mayweather posted a video on Instagram showcasing moments from his vacation.

“Whoever said I wouldn’t enjoy retirement couldn’t be anymore wrong. How can you not enjoy the luxury of flying out 20 people for a dream trip around the world? Flying on Air-Mayweather and I chartered another private jet just for my luggage and the extra shopping bags, we’ve flown from NYC to Paris to Dubai and now to the beautiful Maldives. I personally chose to stay in the best of the best, a 3 bedroom Landaa Estates, where I wake up to my very own private beach,” The former best pound-for-pound boxer Mayweather wrote.

“At $20,000.00 a night, you can only imagine the amenities and the view is A1, top of the line! I worked hard and made smart investments, so honestly spending $300,000.00 on vacation is just staying in my lane. Everybody is rich on social media but I’m wealthy in real life. No frontin’ needed.

Mayweather’s most recent trip took him to the Gaza pyramid in Egypt. The photo shared on Instagram shows the 39-year-old retired fighter struck a pose atop a camel.

The former boxer has time and again refuted calls to return to the ring. However, he admitted that only a lucrative deal can lure him out of retirement.

His last fight was with Manny Pacquiao where he won over the Filipino by unanimous decision.

Currently, Floyd Mayweather is busy working as a boxing promoter. He has most recently expressed his interest in promoting MMA.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Floyd Mayweather

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