March Madness

Kansas Jayhawks hunt for Final Four seat as March Madness opens

The Kansas Jayhawks will have one thing posted as their priority for this year’s March Madness and that is to get back into the Final Four and eventually get a shot at the NCAA Championship, a feat that they enjoyed back in 2008.

Aside from taking the championship in 2008, the Jayhawks last saw action in the Final Four was back in 2012 wherein they finished as runners-up. Head coach Bill Self, who will be working on his 13th year as the Jayhawks’ tactician, also wants to improve the team’s momentum since taking the Big 12 Conference Tournament champions.

Going into the March Madness, the Jayhawks were seeded number one in the South and they will be tested when they meet Austin Peay University, which is ranked no. 16. Coach Self and the rest of the Jayhawks know that team seeding means nothing if a team does not start winning.

Aside from Austin Peay, other teams that will try to block the Jayhawks’ journey in the NCAA includes Colorado, UConn, Maryland, South Dakota State, California and Hawai’i. Then there’s Arizona, Miami, Buffalo, Iowa, Temple, Villanova and U.N.C.

But the Jayhawks are unfazed by the threats that lies ahead as they will take it one game at a time. The Jayhawks expect its top gunners namely Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden Jr., Frank Mason III and Devonte Graham.

Ellis is leading the pack for the Jayhawks averaging 16.7 points and 5.9 rebounds while Selden Jr. and Mason III each averages with 13.3 and 13.1 points, respectively with 3.3 and 4.4 rebounds per game, in that order.

Mason III also has an average assist of 4.7 while Graham averages with 11.7 points with 3.2 rebounds and 3.8 assists.

Aside from them, ESPN also listed some of the players to watch for in the South include Jaylen Brown (California); Melo Trimble (Maryland); Jarrod Uthoff (Iowa); and Sheldon McCLellan (Miami).

Photo Courtesy: Shane Adams/Flickr

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