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March Madness 2016: Villanova Wildcats take out Iowa Hawkeyes

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The Villanova Wildcats continued their relentless assault in the NCAA, beating the Iowa Hawkeyes, 87-68. The Wildcats came out of the cage and started to land heavy blows on the Hawkeyes seemingly throughout the game.

Everyone from the Wildcats team was involved in the onslaught as Josh Hart, Ryan Arcidiacono, and Kris Jenkins were all phenomenal throughout the game.

Villanova was on fire and has landed the knockout punches in the first half of the game as the Wildcats went into halftime up by 25 points. The Wildcats was in control of the whole game, shooting 59.3 percent from the floor and 52.6 percent from 3-point area.

Villanova was unstoppable, hitting 5 of their next 6 shots to push into a 26-19 point lead. Kris Jenskins opened the scoring for Wildcats and made his first 7 points in under a minute a half. The Wildcats were shooting 57.9 percent up to this point and also outrebounding the Hawkeyes, 10-6.

Nicholas Baer also made a huge contributions for the Nova team, taking 8 straight points, converting on 4 of the next 5 field goals.

Things were getting better for the ‘nova team as they got a 46-27 lead in the first half. They also fired 63 percent from the floor and takes 7 of 10 from downtown, with Jalen Brunson, Jenskins and Phil Booth taking a huge role.

Reeling from the first half attack, the Hawkeyes wouldn’t bounce back in the second half. The Wildcats owned the game, shooting 60.6 percent and 58.3 percent and outrebounded Iowa 19-12, with Daniel Ochefu alone taking the 8 rebounds.

In addition, the high volume of fouls committed by Iowa Hawkeyes has also aided the Wildcats in securing their lead throughout the game.  With this win, the Wildcats will now advance to the Sweet 16, and take on the Miami Hurricanes on Thursday.

Picture Courtesy: Jay Wright/Wikimedia Commons

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