Tony Bennett, the name, causes both concern and confusion

Tony Bennett – the name, surely grabbed the attention of everyone especially on social media after hearing that one of the two collapsed during a game in the NCAA Tournament.

ESPN reported that Anthony Guy “Tony” Bennett, who coaches the University of Virginia Cavaliers, suffered a dehydration and collapsed in the first half of their match against Hampton. The game was stopped with 34.1 seconds left as officials and players rush to aid Bennett, who fell in front of the scorer’s table.

“[I’ve] been a little under the weather the last couple of days. When you’re squatting and get up quick, I just blacked out a little bit. I’ve had more Powerade than I’ve ever had in my life, so hopefully I’m hydrated well. That’s happened before, when you get up quick and get a little dizzy,” Bennett said after the game.

With reports of Tony Bennett collapsing, netizens took on social media thinking that the report was all about Tony Bennett the singer, which spiked concerns on the 89-year old singer of the 1951 hit “Because of You.”

As stated on TMZ, Tony Bennett, the singer, was quick to post that he is doing fine and that the news was all about Tony Bennett the basketball coach. He thanked fans for their concern and was glad that the other Tony Bennett is doing fine.

On the other hand, Tony Bennett the basketball coach stated that he felt embarrassed and will surely be teased and joked around of what had happened. But thanked that the game was not a close one since the team’s trainers advised him to sit on the bench.

“They just told me to sit there and drink the Powerade. Thankfully the game wasn’t close in the second half. Usually, you like to be kind of active and involved, but I guess it shows you that coaching is overrated, ’cause I don’t think they knew I was over there. You can sit over there on your hands and they wouldn’t notice if you’re active. That’s just for coaches to feel good,” Bennett added.

The Cavaliers advances to the next round of the “March Madness” after beating Hampton, 81-45.

Photo Courtesy: Ben Lunsford/Wikimedia Commons

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