Albers helps White Sox win in 13th inning

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Matt Albers (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)

Matt Albers has helped the White Sox win in its recent game. Albers, who plays as relief pitcher, said he has not been at-bat since 2009. Newsday reports that he does not even have his own bat or batting helmet. Yet when it was needed most, he delivered.

In the 13th inning against the New York Mets, Albers made a double that sent the Chicago White Sox winning 2-1. Albers had been at-bat last on May 22, 2009 though he didn’t have a hit since May 23, 2007. His hit surprised him as did his teammates. It was a pleasant surprise though as it turned out to be the winning hit.

Albers didn’t have his own bat so Dioner Navarro let him use his, as ESPN states. He took a ball and two strikes followed by foul ball. He took another ball before getting the hit. Celebrating on his way to second base, his teammates in the dugout as well cheered him on. For them as well as for Albers, it was a special moment.

“I think any time you’re in extra innings it gets a little weird,” observed White Sox manager Robin Ventura. He added that it has been fun to watch. Albers’ teammates enjoyed it as well as he said they were laughing about it.

“A lot of were laughing, saying like how funny that was,” he commented on his teammates’ reaction. He also thought of sliding to second base but didn’t do it, saying that he wasn’t sure if he could do it. With the hit Albers is now 3 for 35 at-bats. It is unclear though if the White Sox will give him more chances with the bat.

Credit could also be given to the White Sox’s pitching, which held the Mets down to only one score in the second inning and then scoreless the rest of the game.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

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