Toronto Blue Jays get Jason Grilli

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Jason Grilli (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)

The Toronto Blue Jays has been able to get closer Jason Grilli in a trade with the Atlanta Braves. In a report by ESPN, THE Blue Jays has acquired Grilli this Tuesday. A veteran of MLB, Grilli has been in the league for 14 seasons.

Grilli is in a two-year contract with the Braves. He first signed on in 2014 for an $8 million contract. For 2016 it is said that he would earn $3.5 million. He has a 5.29 ERA. The Blue Jays has an average of 3.89 ERA. With his addition to Toronto, it is noted that this would likely bolster the team. Grilli’s 2015 season ended when he had an Achilles tendon injury last July 11.

Grilli has been with many teams in his long career, starting out as a fourth overall pick for the San Francisco Giants in 1997. He has moved to many other teams in his career, the last of which was with the Braves before the trade.

Atlanta meanwhile has been able to get Sean Ratcliffe in the trade. He was drafted by Toronto last 2013 and has pitched for the Vancouver Canadians last season, Sports Illustrated notes. With his acquisition Atlanta hopes to rebuild the team. With a 15-35 record, the Braves right now has the worst record together with the Minnesota Twins.

“We wanted to go with young pitching,” Braves general manager John Coppolella said of the trade. Aside from Ratcliffe, the Braves have team members coming off the injured list. Jim Johnson and Shae Simmons are expected to return to active duty following injury rehab.

Ratcliffe has been in the Blue Jays’ extended spring training program. For Atlanta he is expected to enter the extended spring training program as well. The Braves’ scouting report said that he has the potential to help rebuild the team, Coppolella added.

“We’d like to see him throw for us first and then go from there and see where he can help us,” Coppolella said of Ratcliffe’s prospects for the team.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

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