Boston Red Sox David Ortiz regrets announcing retirement; Chicago White Sox Jame Shields in trouble?

Boston Red Sox David Ortiz

Boston Red Sox David Ortiz announces his regret on early confirmation about his retirement after the season. Chicago White Sox pitcher, however, is in trouble for messing up the team for a while now.

David Ortiz says he regrets announcing his pending retirement before the 2016 season started. He explains he is too busy with many things to do with little time. For him, it is difficult to balance everything.

“I’m too busy. I have too many things to do. I barely have time to do anything. It’s very difficult for me. If I had even imagined that it would be so difficult, I wouldn’t have announced anything. There are too many people I have to pay attention to, and on top of that I have to prepare for a game,” he tells Marly Rivera from ESPN.

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Yet, it seems Big Papi didn’t feel dismayed at this decision as his body requires him to stop. Though he likes to play more in the next season, but his agony in his feet every day makes him sad to say he has to let go of this sport.

Ortiz continues, “Everything hurts. It even hurts to think. Last time I reached second after a double, I almost called a timeout so they would get me out of the game. I can barely run because my feet hurt so much. I am in severe pain.”

“One often tries to live in the moment and even when your body is saying no, you say yes, even when your body says not to. Only mental strength convinces you that you can continue.”

He ends the statement with, “Mental strength tell you that you can keep at it. But the body is a machine; it will give out and will send you a bill.”

With Boston Red Sox’s opponent, Chicago White Sox finds another problem with their pitcher James Shields for messing up the game most of the time. General manager Rick Hahn notes he has to grind more and has to figure out issues on how to fix them.

“There were specific risks in acquiring James, but even the most direct forecast wouldn’t have predicted the performance we’ve seen the last few weeks. That said, we believe the issues are fixable.”

“We believe they’re more mechanics-based than they are the unprecedented evaporation of talent in a premier starter,” Hahn says.

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According to Chicago Tribune, Shields gave up 1 2/3 innings against the Indians last Saturday. Hahn notes the newbie pitcher acknowledged his flaws and will do something on it.

Last Monday, back in the American League Central, the source states that Chicago White Sox dropped to three games below .500 and 5 1/2 games.

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