Charlie Sheen to throw opening pitch at World Series as Ricky Vaughn [VIDEO]

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Charlie Sheen in World Series
Charlie Sheen in World Series

It seems that Charlie Sheen will get another chance to play out his legendary Wild Thing character Ricky Vaughn at the Majors after Indians fans began clamoring for the actor to throw the opening pitch at the World Series.

Moments after Cleveland won the American League in Toronto, fans immediately swarmed social media with requests for Sheen to be part of the pre-game festivities. Some of the Tweets can be seen below.

Sheen did not even hesitate, responding immediately to the fans by sharing a Tweet of his own, and making it clear that, apparently, he is just one call away.

In the movie Major League, Charlie Sheen plays rookie pitcher Vaughn who is acquired by a failing and prospectively moving Cleveland Indians team. The club is also managed by a spiteful Rachel Phelps who was intentionally hiring has-beens and mediocre players, hoping to lower the attendance of games in her ballpark and move the team to Miami.

But in typical Hollywood fashion, Ricky Vaughn and the rest of his teammates are able to rise above the odds and eventually reach the World Series.

Which in some ways is also what the real Cleveland Indians did, overcoming injuries this season to win AL Cental, knock off Boston and finally win against Toronto in the playoffs.

According to reports, Mike Napoli and Jason Kipnis even made their own shrine in an empty stall between their lockers, similar to the movie. In Major League, the character Pedro Cerrano, a voodoo practitioner, prays to an idol named Jobu to help him throw curve balls. Napoli and Kipnis seemed to follow suit and created their own Jobu whom they have offered gifts like rum and cigarettes to help them out of hitting slumps.

Now, all they need is a Ricky Vaughn and they will surely win the World Series.

Here’s what his intro will be like.

Though the real Cleveland Indians have not responded to Charlie Sheen as of posting.

There goes the ballgame.

Photo Courtesy: Matthew Straubmuller/ Flickr

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