Crawford to be designated by Dodgers

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Carl Crawford
Carl Crawford (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison)

Carl Crawford would be given a designation by the Los Angeles Dodgers, ESPN reports. According to the report, he has $35 million remaining on his contract. His contract will remain in effect until 2017. It is also reported that he will have his contract would be completed by the Dodgers.

In a report by Sporting News, the Dodgers has parted ways with Crawford. However, with $35 million remaining on his contract it would be a very expensive one that the Dodgers to maintain his contract. The Dodgers did say that they will maintain it for the remaining time it is in force.

Crawford is said to be designated by the Dodgers since his game has not been up to par as it was before. For four seasons he has largely remained injured which hindered much of his career. Prior to being with the Dodgers, he has played with the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. With the Rays he has played impressively, having made the All-Star for four times.

Crawford has been in 320 games with the Dodgers with a batting average of .278 and 18 home runs. With the Rays, he has made 104 home runs and has an average of .296. However, his average has gone down recently due to almost always being injured. His recent batting average is at just .185 with just 18 at-bats for 30 games.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that he would be missed and has been proud to be a Dodger. He has given much in terms of experience to both new and veteran members of the team. However, he has also noted that time has possibly caught up with him.

The Dodgers is turning on its former catcher/infielder Austin Barnes as a possible replacement for Crawford. Roberts said that Crawford is frustrated about his situation but understands also the team’s decision after having a talk with him.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

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