Dodgers won’t be disciplined by MLB for using lasers

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Fans at Dodgers Stadium (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Kenneth Han)

The New York Mets has complained the Los Angeles Dodgers for using laser range finders in their game last weekend. The complaint is that the Dodgers used laser range finders in the game at Citi Field. However, the MLB has said it will not discipline the Dodgers over its use.

The Mets has said the Dodgers used laser range finders to mark positions in the outfield during their game at Citi Field. For the Mets, the use of the laser range finders has given the Dodgers an unfair advantage over them, as ESPN reports. The Dodgers is said to use the same method at Dodgers Stadium.

The issue over the use of laser range finders has been clarified by MLB. It has said that the use of such devices pose no problem as long as it has been used prior to the game and not during the game itself. The league has also said that teams cannot use certain markers on the field. Chalk or paint then, cannot be used to mark positions. This has been another contention by the Mets, Fox Sports says.

The issue has been raised by the Mets when it has learned that the Dodgers used laser range finders to mark positions. The Mets has declined the Dodgers’ request to paint reference points on the field. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that the Mets has not allowed them to paint the reference points at Citi Field.

Roberts has also said that the team will abide with what the league has clarified. The league has said that there should be no marks on the field made by any team during the game even if it’s agreed on by both sides prior to a game. While the use of laser range finders and such devices is okay prior to a game, MLB has said that such devices cannot be used during a game.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Kenneth Han

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