Kate Upton calls out ‘f***ked up’ MLB voting for Cy Young Award; Justin Verlander loses to Rick Porcello

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Wednesday’s Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BWAA) CY Young award show on MLB Network marked one of the craziest award votes in recent memory as the prestigious American League CY Young award was given to Boston Red Sox right-hander Rick Porcello despite receiving fewer first-place votes than runner-up Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

The awarding was immediately met with criticism from every angle and among the first and most vocal was Verlander’s fiancee Kate Upton, who took to her Twitter account to vent her frustration and rage over her man’s CY Young award loss.

The world famous supermodel went on a Twitter rant and unleashed a string of tweets that were profane in nature, but delivered one clear and consistent message: Her fiance got screwed by the system.

According to BBWAA’s official website, the protocol is that two writers are selected to represent each NL and AL city, with each voting on their own league’s award. Upton’s question on the two writers to leave Verlander completely off the ballot were’s Bill Chastain and Fred Goodall of the Associated Press, both of whom were representing Tamba Bay, as reported by Yahoo.

That did not end there though, as Upton continued her rant and only fueled further.

Rick Porcello was the second vote-getter on the MLB voting, which received eight first-place votes. He made up the difference in part by getting 18 second-place votes. Verlander only had two second-place votes but needed six-points to surpass Porcello, meaning a couple of fifth- or fourth-place votes would have left him short, according to the Bleacher Report.
Verlander’s brother, Ben, also chimed in regarding the vote:

 Upton even went as far as to accuse the MLB voting as rigged.

In light of this news, Verlander himself has not made any comment regarding the matter.
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