LA Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias set to be youngest starter in MLB playoff history; Dad, family travelled from Mexico to witness the event

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LA Dodgers pitcher
Photo courtesy: Arturo Pardavila III/Wikimedia Commons

History is waiting to be made for LA Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias in Wednesday’s Game 4 of the 2016 National League Championship Series against the Chicago Cubs.

According to CBS Sports, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts officially announced on Monday during practice in Dodger Stadium that the rookie left-hander Urias would get the ball in Game 4. Urias, 20 years and 68 days old, will set the table for the historic start for the Dodgers. He will be the youngest player in the history of MLB to make a playoff start.

“Julio, as I’ve gotten to know him, he’s just so calm and cool,” Roberts said. “Some of it plays to the youthfulness, the naivete, and just not really understanding the gravity of this moment, which is great.”

USA Today also posted that Julio’s father, Carlos Urias, said that the younger Urias’ family in Culiacan, Mexico were all thrilled when they learned that he would be starting. The family had already traveled to Los Angeles to witness the historic event.

“He was happy, calm,” Carlos said when asked what was his son’s reaction. “He has been hoping to get this opportunity and wants to be focused so he can do the best possible job. He gets excited but has always been able to stay in control and respect the responsibility the team is putting in his hands.”

The LA Dodgers pitcher has been regarded as the game’s top pitching prospect before the season started.

The current leaderboard:

1. Bret Saberhagan, 20 years and 175 days, 1984 ALCS Game 2
2. Bullet Joe Bush, 20 years and 316 days, 1913 World Series Game 3
3. Fernando Valenzuela, five starts at 20 years and 339-356 days, 1981 NLDS-WS
4. Jim Palmer, 20 years and 356 days, 1966 World Series Game 2

Photo courtesy: Arturo Pardavila III/Wikimedia Commons

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