Marlon Byrd fails PED test, suspended for 162 games

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Cleveland Indians’ Marlon Byrd has again been suspended for failing a performance enhancement drugs, making him miss 162 games- and possibly his career.

The announcement was first made by the Cleveland’s Site Magazine and was later confirmed by Ken Rosenthal with his anonymous source.

Byrd was tested for Performance enhancement drugs, and the results came back  confirming he is positive for Ipamorelin, a growth hormone secretagogue.

It is Byrd’s second time suspension for failing a PED test, with the first time being confirmed positive for Tamoxifen, for which he was suspended for 50 games. The outfielder was given a 162-game suspension, which is almost the whole season, and which indicates  that it could be the end of his career given his age.

Major League Baseball has not yet made an official announcement, but Byrd has already given his statement which is posted on the MLB’s official website, confirming the reports and saying he accepts the suspension.

Byrd said in the statement that after being tested positive with Tamoxifen, he took the advice of a physician after undergoing a surgery, he has been careful with the substances that the Joint Drug Agreement prohibits, and has been seeking advice and help from professionals in doing so.

However, he claimed that he found out that some of the supplements he was taking were not in the NSF Certified for Sports list. He said that after being tested positive for Ipamorelin, he asked an independent chemist to identify the origin of the Ipamorelin since he never ingested it on purpose. When the results came, Byrd said that it was concluded that the Ipamorelin came from a tainted supplement.

He ended his statement by saying that he is responsible with what he puts in his body and accepts the suspension that is given to him. He also apologized for any harm this has caused the Cleveland Indians, Indians’ fans, his teammates and also his family.

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