MLB News: Boston Red Sox accused of being racist, lawsuit filed

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In recent MLB news, after losing in the division series against the Cleveland Indians 0-3, the Boston Red Sox are now facing a much more controversial issue. The Red Sox are currently in hot water after an African-American Boston Fire Department inspector filed a lawsuit against them on Friday.

This is six months prior after Rhoan Dalmar’s co-worker, Robert Cox, sued the Red Sox over an incident where both of the fire marshals were allegedly denied entry to Fenway Park. According to them, they were at the area to perform a safety inspection.

So what’s the issue? Both of the men are African-Americans and because of the color of their skin, they felt that they have been victimized by an apparent racist attack.

According to Boston Globe, Dalmar and Cox were on duty when they arrived at Fenway Park during a 2013 World Series game. Aside from the two, they were accompanied by a white colleague, Ronald Ingemi, to perform an inspection.

Dalmar and Cox stated that a security personnel allowed Ingemi to enter the area without any fuss but then demanded further identification from the two. The three men were all wearing city fire marshal badges, aside from an all-access badge issued by the Red Sox organization themselves.

Boston Red Sox owner, John W. Henry, denied the plaintiffs’ account in a statement Monday night.

“During the 7th inning of [a game in] the 2013 World Series, a member of Red Sox security asked two un-uniformed fire safety officials to show proper identification, which was not visible, when trying to gain access to the Green Monster,” the statement said.

“After producing their credentials, both were allowed into the area. It was later acknowledged that the two officials were not on official business, but rather there to take a peek at the logo in the centerfield grass.”

Meanwhile, Dalmar vowed to boycott Fenway Park “because he feels that people of his race are clearly not welcomed at the defendant’s facilities,” said his lawyer, Ainsworth O. Jones.

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Photo courtesy: David Wilson/Flickr

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