MLB News: Cleveland Indians looking to sign Austin Jackson

The Cleveland Indians are dead set to pursue free agent Austin Jackson as they are still not out of the jungle just yet as the tribe continues line up woes begins to pop up with the opening day just barely a month ahead.

The Indians will be missing the services of left fielder Michael Brantley due to a shoulder surgery with an undetermined date of recovery and possible comeback while center fielder Abraham Almonte crashed the drug test which earned him 80 games suspension.

Thus, they are left with no choice but to hunt from their list a possible player that could field in for the void and Austin Jackson may come as a perfect fit, having reportedly turned down the offer from the Los Angeles Angels.

According to ESPN, if the Indians land Jackson, he could give them a solid defense in the center field with Rajai Davis filling the spot for Brantley. However, signing Jackson might come with a hefty price but the Indians are looking at other possible solutions to meet halfway with the 29-year old Denton, Texas native.

The Indians are working their best to get Jackson as other teams such as the Baltimore Orioles, and the Chicago White Sox are also in possible contention.

Jackson made his MLB debut with the Detroit Tigers in 2010 and finished second in the American League Rookie of the Year voting. Aside from the Tigers, he also played with the Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs.

Jackson ended the 2015 season having played 136 games, stealing 17 bases with a .696 OPS.

The Indians started filling some voids on their roster after signing veteran Juan Uribe on Sunday to a one-year contract worth $4.5 million for the 2016 season and will be starting as third baseman. In the contract, Uribe will also earn $1.5 million in performance bonuses.

Photo Courtesy: RMTIP21/Flikr

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