MLB News: Padres’ Cesar Vargas placed on 15-day disabled list

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Cesar Vargas of the San Diego Padres has been put on the 15-day disabled list on Sunday due to right elbow soreness.

The Mexican pitcher’s performance in his first six games in the major league has been great until the Padres’ 8-7 defeat to Arizona Diamondbacks last Saturday, when he let seven runs in 1 2/3 innings. Vargas was placed on the disabled list and checked right after by the team’s doctor on Sunday, but the results were non-conclusive.

Vargas is set to undergo an MRI on Wednesday to determine if he is suffering from a structural damage, and the Padres has yet made an official announcement on Vargas’ condition.

Vargas described his elbow soreness as something he normally felt, and it would come but then it would go after he throws, but the pain was different on Saturday night. He said that the pain was stronger and he felt it more when he extended and bent his arms.

Padres’ manager Andy Green said that he is not yet sure about Vargas’ condition, but thinks that it might just be a “15-day thing.” He said that he does not want to look so much into it yet, and the Padres’ main focus is taking care of him and not pushing him.

The Padres planned before the injury to limit Vargas’ workload by putting him to Triple-A, and Vargas’ pitches were also closely monitored by the Padres this season. He was prohibited to go past his 90-pitch mark in the three innings.

Green stated that Vargas only revealed his discomfort over his elbow soreness last Saturday night after the game.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ Padres de San Diego

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