MLB News: Tim Tebow gets mixed reviews at baseball showcase [VIDEO]

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Tim Tebow showcase
Tim Tebow showcase

As we continue the coverage of the Tim Tebow’s adventures, we now come to the point where we find out if the athlete is actually any good or if this all just a ruse. And just like mostly any other TV show(case) reviews have been mixed.

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Some scouts have described Tim Tebow’s display of skill on the range as a “waste of time” while some others were quoted to have said it was “better than I expected.” Regardless, though, Tebow proved one thing-that he could really hit or, rather, crush the ball, hitting homers as far as 430 feet.

Just see for yourself below.
Impressed? Well, some aren’t. One American League scout was interviewed after the demonstration and he did not have anything good to say.

“It was a complete waste of time,’’ said the unnamed scout, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity. “It was like watching an actor trying to portray a baseball player.”

Others were quite impressed though, emphasizing on the former NFL star’s hulking physique and power. A National League scout was one of the more forgiving critics of the showcase, saying it was “Better than I expected, to be honest,” adding “The power was impressive, but I wish he could have translated it maybe a little better (against live pitching).”

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And this seemed to be the common denominator among all the scouts at the showcase-Tebow’s nerves got to him, especially when it came to live pitching. Facing former big leaguers David Aardsma and Chad Smith, Tebow was continuously duped by off-speed throws from the two pitchers. He could only manage to grin in response, obviously frazzled by the changeups and breaking balls.

“There is 100 percent nerves, no question about it,” Tebow said to press after the showcase. “When you’re at the combine or a pro day, you have your body of work for four years, everything that you did, so it’s not just that one day. Here, you might have seen me when I was 17, but you haven’t seen me since. A lot goes into it, so you’d better show something. A lot of nerves, a lot of pressure, for sure.”

Aside from his hitting, Tim Tebow also demonstrated his speed. He clocked in at around 6.6 seconds in the 60-yard dash, which is fairly average in the MLB. See him run below.

In terms of playing outfield, he did somewhat okay in the catching and throwing.

But according to Jim Bowden of ESPN, some scouts were not impressed with his throwing arm.

So what now? According to USA TODAY, Tim Tebow and crew will be waiting for any firm offer from any of the interested clubs who might have seen something spectacular at the showcase. With minor league ending, he could also go to instructional ball. This can be followed by Arizona Fall League, and then he can join the winter league in Latin America, which he seemed interested to join.

In all cases (even for Tim Tebow), we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for the next episode of the Tim Tebow story.

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