MLB News: Tim Tebow signing with Mets ‘offended’ baseball players

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Tim Tebow signs with mets offends players
Tim Tebow signs with mets offends players

Tim Tebow finally landed his dream sports gig (again) as the New York Mets signed the former NFL player to a minor-league contract. But it seems that not a lot of people are very happy with the athlete’s career shift.

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One writer, Nick Friar of CSN, even described the Mets’ signing as an “insult to real baseball players” and is simply suggesting that the entire move is a PR stunt.

“I fully admit I’m a “hater” in this instance,” said Friar. “Although to say this issue is important enough to have that strong of an opinion is giving this PR move more traction than it deserves.”

Tebow’s contract also includes a signing bonus of $100,000, which for some is just too much for a player who has not had any on-field experience for 29 years. Former, current and unsigned players reacted with understandable hostility.


Lou Merloni shares his thoughts on Tim Tebow, says ‘Im offended’

Former MLB player Lou Merloni also shared his thoughts during his show with CSN, expressing how “offended” he was with the signing. He also emphasized how there are so many other, better players who deserved more of a chance than Tebow.

“This really pissed me off,” opened Merloni during his show, adding “So he’s got a nice little swing. (There are) 300 players in the triple A who never got to the big leagues. Those are real baseball players. This is an embarrassment. As a baseball player, I’m offended.”

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Reports also indicate that players of the Mets are just shrugging off the signing, with some suspecting that the entire move is a PR stunt. But their GM, Sandy Alderson guarantees that it isn’t, and they really see potential in Tim Tebow.

“This was my idea. But I have to tell you that the notion we’re going to spend $100,000 plus on a player so we can sell a couple hundred dollars’ worth of t-shirts in Kingsport, those economics don’t work,” Alderson shared with NY Daily news. “This was not about making money…. This was about baseball. This is about giving somebody an opportunity to play.”

Whatever their intentions are, it’s already done, and Tebow is $100,000 richer.

Baseball gods, help us.

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