MLB News: Tim Tebow will conduct tryouts for multiple MLB teams before last day of August

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The news regarding Tim Tebow’s shift from the NFL to MLB is now confirmed. Tebow had already scheduled his tryouts for multiple MLB teams. The player’s tryout in the sport will be the first since his high school baseball career.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the former NFL player will practice with more than 20 MLB teams to determine which franchise would sign him.

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The scheduled tryouts by Tim Tebow for multiple MLB teams will happen on Aug. 30 based on the report of ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick.

Before Tebow moves from the NFL to MLB, he started to become known as a football player by popularizing the use of face paint during his college days. Whenever he will play a game, then, he will put a biblical paint verses on his eye blacks. His appearance had caught the eye of the football fans into searching what do those verses mean.

When Tebow played in the NFL, he discontinued his eye painting since it is not allowed in the league. Therefore, he started to popularize another move in the league called, “Tebowing.” The term was derived from Tebow’s name, which pertains to the player’s propensity for kneeling and praying before and after his team’s game.

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The ex-NFL player had a total of 32 career touchdowns while playing in the league. He started his career with the Denver Broncos, which is also the team that drafted him in 2010.

Tim Tebow’s stint in the NFL is short-lived as he only played five years in the league. With his renewed interest in baseball right now, MLB fans could only hope that he will bring the same excitement that he brought while he is in the NFL.

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