MLB brawl: Ventura, Machado involved and ejected from game

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Yordano Ventura
Yordano Ventura (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Dealphungo)

What has been a scuffle between Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura has turned into a bench clearing all-out brawl between the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles in their game Tuesday night. Following the incident, both Ventura and Machado have been ejected from the game.

The incident happened at the bottom of the fifth inning. Ventura throws the ball that his Machado in the back. This led to Machado charging at Ventura, who himself has been prepared by taking off his hat and glove, ESPN says in its report. Machado throws a punch and both continued their scuffle on the ground.

Both teams then cleared their dugouts and rushed to the field to break up the fight. Both were later ejected from the game. The league will have yet to bring a suspension to the two players, which will likely happen.

This has not been the first time it has happened between the two. In a game last Sept. 12, Ventura has hit both Machado and Chris Davis. According to Bleacher Report, Ventura has a history of such things. Last season he also hit Brett Lawrie. Sports Illustrated also mentions that Ventura has been involved in similar incidents as well. Ventura has been ejected three times in his career before the incident.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter has warned Machado about Ventura before his at-bat in the fifth inning. He said it looked like the pitch at the previous inning was deliberate as well, which nearly hit Machado. Showalter said he is not disappointed about what Machado has done although he believes a suspension is likely to come after what has happened.

Connected with this, there is a discussion of the Royals considering trading Ventura. Sports Illustrated says that he has struggled on the field though it is more likely that it is because he has been involved with such incidents as well.

While the brawl might have temporarily disrupted the game, the Orioles eventually won 9-1. The two teams will meet again Wednesday to end their series. Asked whether tensions would still be there, Showalter said his team is prepared for what’s coming.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Dealphungo

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