MLB Rumors: 20 teams will attend Tim Tebow showcase

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Tim Tebow showcase
Tim Tebow showcase

Tim Tebow will be holding a one-man showcase on Tuesday to try and lure one possible MLB team to add him to their roster.  Among those teams are the Mets and Yankees, which could open up redemption in New York City for the athlete in the diamond instead of the football field.

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There are doubters who say that the athlete’s chances of having a productive baseball season are slim to none, with some even accusing Tebow of just using all the attention as a publicity stunt. But his agent and co-head of Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) baseball, Brodie Van Wagenen, assured press that this is all real.

“His work ethic is unprecedented, and his passion for the game is infectious. He knows the challenges that lie ahead of him given his age and experience, but he is determined to achieve his goal of playing in the Major Leagues,” Van Wagenen told reporters in an interview with press.

Tebow’s trainer, former major league catcher Chad Moeller also shared his impression of training with the former NFL star.

“I am beyond impressed with Tim’s athleticism and swing, and it goes without saying that he has shown a high level of discipline and strong work ethic,” said Moeller in a CAA statement. “I see bat speed and power and real baseball talent. I truly believe Tim has the skill set and potential to achieve his goal of playing in the Major Leagues, and based on what I have seen over the past two months, it could happen relatively quickly.”

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These statements have, since, gained the attention of a lot of teams-20 teams to be exact (according to reports), who will be attending the Tim Tebow showcase. Some of these teams include the Braves, Tigers, Yankees, Mets and Cardinals, among others. Media sources have also confirmed the Marlins’ and the Reds’ attendance through the following Tweets.

Meanwhile, a Venezuelan team has reportedly also offered Tim Tebow a contract for their winter-ball league. Five-time champion of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League and two-time Caribbean Series winner, Aguilas del Zulia sent a contract to Tebow’s agents at CAA, hoping to land the athlete in a league that is filled with major leaguers and rising prospects.

At this point, the only guarantee is that wherever Tebow goes, the crowds will follow.

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