MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper at the Tokyo Olympics?

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Bryce Harper at the Tokyo Olympics

Baseball was last seen in the Olympics in Beijing 2008, but will (thankfully) be making a comeback at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A lot of players and teams are looking forward to taking to the field and represent their country, but one player from the US has been very vocal about playing in the 2020 Olympics-Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper.

After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made the announcement about the inclusion of the sport in the Tokyo Olympics, Harper took to social media and immediately posted a message that showed his desire to represent red, white and blue. Although, seeing Bryce Harper at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 may still be a fantasy, as the present schedule of the MLB season closely coincides with the schedule of the Summer Olympics, barring many major leaguers to join the national team.

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That did not seem to deter the Nationals outfielder, though, taking to Instagram to emphasize his dream to play for his city, and the greater honor of playing for his country.


“Growing up you dream to play in the show, you dream to play every day no matter what trying to win and be the best you can for your team and city! With that being said nothing is like playing for your country representing the red white and blue…standing on the baseline listening to the National Anthem and just knowing you represent something way bigger than yourself!” said Harper in his Instagram post.

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Some analysts have suggested pausing the MLB season, to give major league players time for the Olympics, instead of sending minor league players like Stephen Strasburg and Dexter Fowler both of whom were on the US team that finished third at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Even it would be awesome to see Bryce Harper at the Tokyo Olympics (along with other MLB players), it is probably safe to say that we’re still a long way from home (base).

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