MLB Rumors: Cubs to trade for Jose Bautista if Blue Jays make him available

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Jose Bautista (Photo Courtesy: Arturo Pardavila III/Wikimedia)

The Chicago Cubs are still the best team in baseball after the first two months of the 2016 season with a 39-16 record. According to the latest MLB rumors, the Cubs still want to improve their roster as they are reportedly interested in Jose Bautista if ever the Toronto Blue Jays make him available before the non-waiver trade deadline on August 1.

The Blue Jays are currently third in the AL East standings with a 31-27 record but they are only 2.5 games behind first place. The loaded Blue Jays lineup is starting to heat after a slumping to begin the season as they have won eight of their last ten games.

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Nonetheless, Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe thinks that Toronto CEO Mark Shapiro will trade Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, who both are free agents after the season, if they start to slump again before the All-Star break.

Cafardo noted that the Cubs, San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals will all have interest if Bautista is put on the trading block. Despite being 35 years old, Joey Bats is still a good hitter and can still play defense at outfield, first base and at third.

On the other hand, the Cubs are still one of the best teams despite losing Kyle Schwarber early in the season to a knee injury. Jorge Soler and Jason Heyward are starting to heat up but another injury to one outfielder will certainly give Chicago something to panic about.

Jordan Campbell of FanSided believes that the Cubs will only make a major move if a big injury happens. The current need for them at the moment is a left-handed reliever that is why they are linked with Andrew Miller of the New York Yankees.

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Nonetheless, Campbell noted that if an outfielder goes down with an injury, the Cubs still have Albert Almora waiting in their minor league system. As mentioned in a previous report, Chicago has been rumored to have an interest in Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies.

Photo Courtesy: Arturo Pardavila III/Wikimedia

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