MLB Rumors: Las Vegas bookmakers losing big money over Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs
Wrigley Field (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Buster7)

The Chicago Cubs are on a roll. This has caused Las Vegas bookmakers to lose big as the Cubs continue to win despite the odds, according to MLB rumors. As this continues, Las Vegas bookmakers are hoping the trend to come back to their favor.

Fox Sports notes that the Chicago Cubs continue to win despite the odds from sportsbooks. With the latest big news for the club being the homer made by Wilson Contreras, the Cubs continue on their roll. This has caused Las Vegas bookmakers to lose sleep as the Cubs find ways to get the wins.

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According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Cubs have become popular among the sports betting crowd. With this popularity, Las Vegas bookmakers have been betting against them. Odds are still stacked up against them even when the team lost to the St. Louis Cardinals last Monday.

“It just can’t go on like this all season, can it?” South Point sports book director Chris Andrews asked. So far the Chicago Cubs is leading the Majors with a 47-21 record and a +170 differential. That is the number that Las Vegas bookmakers are betting against.

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To put things in perspective, last March the Cubs were set by oddsmakers to win 93 games. That number though was thought to be low by sports bettors, according to MLB rumors preseason. Andrews then made a new proposition wherein he asked if the Cubs might win more than 100 games in the regular season. Las Vegas bookmakers then pegged that to minus 170.

The season is far from over, so it still remains to be seen whether the Cubs would still be against the Las Vegas bookmakers. With how they are playing so far though it doesn’t look good for those who are betting against the team. Bruce Marshall, handicapper from Gold Sheet said that before the season the Cubs were overvalued. As the season progressed though that has changed.

The Cubs are favored to get the World Series 3-1. if ever it would be their first World Series win since 1908.  They are said to win at least 112 games. Marshall said they could win at least 108 or 110 games. Andrews though has already taken his proposition down. He said that no one would be taking the ‘No’ side with the way the Cubs have been performing this season.

Could Vegas be losing more money to the public after the MLB rumors that they have already lost big time in the early part of the regular season?

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Buster7

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