MLB Rumors: Lincecum’s last MLB season? Angels pitcher in DFA status

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Lincecum’s last MLB season

Tim Lincecum has been struggling with the Los Angeles Angels ever since the team signed him to a one-year pro-rated contract in May. Since then, the right-handed pitching has been performing poorly, possibly forcing the Angels to put the player on designated for assignment (DFA) status. Could this mean that this may be Tim Lincecum’s last MLB season?

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Lincecum’s tour with the Angels has left very little to be desired. As a starter pitcher who has a 9.16 ERA and 2.37 WHIP after nine outings, it seems improbable that the pitcher can turn his season around.

His most recent game also seemed to put the nail in the coffin, being shelled again (and again) by the Seattle Mariners in a 6-4 loss. The rout was largely attributed to Lincecum’s poor game where he allowed six runs on nine hits in the three and a third innings that he played.

This prompted the Angels management to put Lincecum on DFA status leaving his MLB career in jeopardy. It was in this light that Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia commented that they are hopeful Lincecum will accept a Triple-A assignment.

“Where Tim is now and where he needs to be obviously there is a gap there,” Scioscia said in a statement. “It’s very clear now that he hasn’t progressed from his first couple of starts, he’s kind of regressed a little bit and it’s a matter of just understanding his mechanics, get his release point more consistent and that is really impossible to work at, at the major league level.”

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In Lincecum’s 15 starts last year, the pitcher went 7-4 with a 4.13 ERA after no-hitters in July 2013 and June 2014. In September 2015, he underwent surgery to repair a hip injury, sidelining him for the rest of the season. His contract with the Giants ending the same year, Lincecum patiently searched for a team to join in 2016, eventually landing in LA with the Angels.

But after seemingly being out-of-form and well-past his prime, is it possible that this has been Lincecum’s last MLB season? At this point, it looks like it’s all up to Tim.

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