MLB Rumors: Tim Tebow being considered by Braves and Rockies

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Tim Tebow Atlanta Braves or Colorado Rockies
Tim Tebow Atlanta Braves or Colorado Rockies

After mixed reviews at his LA showcase, Tim Tebow way have successfully lured in two teams to consider him for their ball club. According to sources, the Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies are very interested in exploring possibilities with the former NFL star.

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As per the Washington Post, the Braves are “seriously considering” Tebow to play for their minor league affiliate, as long as there is “low-risk commitment.” David O’Brien of AJC shared a Tweet relaying some of the details on the update.

It would make sense for the Braves to see a potential in signing the former football player, as Tebow is originally from nearby Jacksonville, and gained a following for himself while he was playing for University of Florida– a hotbed of Braves fans.

A Tebow signing could also prove lucrative for the Braves, especially if they place him in a minor league team. They will not only gain the opportunity to sell jerseys, but also boost ticket sales and game attendance.

“If we sign him,’’ Braves general manager John Coppolella told USA TODAY Sports, “it’s because we think he has a chance to help us at some point.’’

Sources also indicate that the Braves were one of five teams who conducted a one-on-one discussion with Tebow, after his demo. Though there are still no updates from the other teams, the Rockies have also been interested in the aspiring baseball player.

One source has indicated that the Colorado team is the other club that has “most interest” in Tebow.

Joining the Rockies could also make sense for Tebow, who created some sort of following after leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011. This may, again, lead to higher ticket sales and boost interest in merchandise.

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Despite his display of strength and (somewhat) average speed at the showcase, it does seem that teams are more interested in the spectacle that Tim Tebow brings. As the great Wayne Campbell of Wayne’s World said, “If you book Tim (Tebow), they will come.”

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Photo Courtesy: Logan Garret/ Wikimedia

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