MLB Rumors: Yankees opting to keep Brian McCann? General Manager speaks up

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MLB Rumors Yankees trade Brian McCann
MLB Rumors Yankees trade Brian McCann

Since the beginning of August, Yankees catcher Brian McCann has only been behind the plate for three of 17 games. He’s also only been hitting .231 this season, with 16 homers and 48 RBIs. With the dismal numbers, MLB rumors are that McCann may be headed to another team before the August 31 deadline.

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Coupled with McCann’s waning performance has been fellow catcher, Gary Sanchez’s, improving game. The 23-year-old player, who has hit eight home runs and 15 RBIs in the 19 games he has played in with the Yankees, was also named American League Player of the week on Monday, an honor not seen by any Yankees catcher since 1976.

“There were hot MLB rumors just before this year’s deadline that the Braves wanted McCann back to help sell tickets for their move to a new ballpark next season. Nothing happened, but look for this to get done after the season, although the Yankees surely will have to pay most of the remaining money,” wrote Randy Miller of

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McCann is still owed $34 million for the next two seasons, and also has a $15 million vesting option for 2019, according to Yahoo! Sports.

In another article, writer Joe Giglio made a prediction that McCann and the Braves may see a reunion coming, as this may be the logical “next step” for the catcher and the team.

“For the Braves, it’s almost just as easy to understand the reasoning behind bringing back a player like McCann: The team wants to compete better in 2017 when moving into a new ballpark. For baseball’s least-successful franchise of 2016, that’s going to take a ton of work,” said Giglio in his article.

But other analysts, seem to disagree that the reunion, will ever take place. As Elite Sports NY writer Emmanuel Berbari wrote, “You may want it (McCann trade) to happen but logically, financially, statistically, and morally, the deal is preposterous, faulty, and irrational.”

New York Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, also emphasized the value of McCann for the team and weighed in on the swirling MLB rumors, saying “they [McCann and Sanchez] are our best two catchers by far. I would venture to guess that Sanchez-McCann would be the top catcher tandem in the game. McCann has struggled in the second half, but he was a borderline All-Star this year. So as far as I am concerned, he has a lot of value to us, let alone anyone else” in a statement shared by sports news media.

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