MLB Trade Rumors: Braves will acquire Brian McCann from Yankees before waiver season deadline?

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The MLB Trade Rumors of Brian McCann going to Atlanta Braves are swirling recently. Brian is a catcher for the New York Yankees. His role became dispensable this year due to the emergence of Gary Sanchez, who also plays the same position as him. This latest MLB rumors report suggests that the Braves might acquire McCann from the Yankees before the waiver season deadline.

According to Joe Giglio of, McCann could be dealt with another team before the August 31 deadline. The likely destination of the player could be with the Braves. This MLB trade rumors idea is likely to happen since McCann already played in Atlanta, and that he is used sparingly by the Yankees this season.

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The Braves’ General Manager (GM) John Coppolella recently said something to Jim Bowden on ESPN.

If one of the Braves’ needs in the off-season is a catcher, McCann could still end up with his former team even if his trade does not happen at the end of August. Brian’s move to Atlanta might also not be hard since the Yankees’ GM, Brian Cashman, had a history of trading a catcher to another team.

It might be a gamble for the Braves to acquire McCann before the waiver season deadline, but allowing the catcher to guide the young players of the team could be a good thing in the future.

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Brian had his best seasons with the Braves. He became an MLB all-star while playing in Atlanta from 2006 to 2011, and his last being in 2013.

Brian McCann is a 32-year-old veteran, who has been in the league for 11 years. There is really a strong possibility that he could be moved to the Braves based on this MLB trade rumors.

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