MLB Trade Rumors: Jay Bruce too expensive for Reds; Mets risks for team upgraded offense?

MLB Trade Rumors on Jay Bruce on New York Mets from Cincinnati Reds
Latest MLB trade rumors reveal Cincinnati Reds’ incapacity to afford high payment for Jay Bruce. Hence, trading him for two players from New York Mets.

The Cincinnati Reds traded Jay Bruce to the New York Mets on Monday. The latest MLB trade rumors cited the Reds’ incapacity to afford Bruce’s $13 million salary for the next season.

A clear agreement between the Reds and the 29-year-old outfielder was settled with a chance to play this season given that Bruce increases his output from the 4.7 bWAR he recorded in 2011.

However, he was not able to go beyond the expected number of runs required. In fact, it went down to -0.3 this year. Since then, the Reds remained doubtful with Bruce’s efficiency.

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This led to thinking of potential MLB trade deals involving Bruce. The thought of trading him already occurred in early 2015. Sources claim that his name was already prepared on the team’s list at that time.

Due to his inability to surpass the required bWAR, the team finally decided to turn him over. Cincinnati noted that there were two teams where the high-risk outfielder might land — the Red Sox or the Indians.

Recently, the New York Mets aggressively took Bruce knowing that he certainly can be useful for the team’s upgrade on defense.

However, a report stated that acquiring the former Reds’ outfielder might be too risky for the team for two reasons.

First is his expected $13 million salary in 2017 if Reds’ scale will serve as basis. It was already noted that Jay Bruce is a highly paid skilled right-handed outfielder. However, the team is guaranteed with more returns. Hence, risking high payment was assured.

Second, Bruce’s right-handed offense is unfit for a lefty-hitting corner outfielder the Mets currently need.

With that in mind, the Mets has to take more time to discuss things regarding Bruce’s possible headship as the primary right fielder.

That means leaving Curtis Granderson and Michael Conforto in center field. Yoenis Cespedes will play left field by then.

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General manager Sandy Alderson admitted that the New York Mets have not yet discussed these matters. Regardless of the risk Bruce’s new team has to face with him in the game, a stronger offense was already anticipated.

Combining the defensive prowess of these big names in the team, it gave much confidence to the Mets that they will achieve another record next season.

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